What are the features of the Cadillac SUV models?

When you mention the name Cadillac then the words which comes to mind are subtle elegance and class. For years together the Cadillac is offering cars which are luxurious, comfortable and elegant with best performance. Therefore it was misconceived by many that the cars from Cadillac are only for distinguished senior people. To break this misconception the Cadillac SUV models were launched in the market by Cadillac. The SUV models which are introduced by Cadillac, though they are also elegant and comfortable, at the same time they offer you style and trendy looks which are preferred by the young generation.


The Cadillac SUV models are the classiest and most luxurious cars in their class and therefore you will get the same pleasurable travelling experience which you get from any other Cadillac car. With efficiency in performance and quality of the interior as well as exterior design makes these cars very trendy and stylish and powerful too. The powerful engine offers you the best capacity and performance and the luxurious interior ensures of your comfort while you are travelling. People equate luxury and class with the name of Cadillac and the Cadillac SUV models are no exception to this.  The subtle class and elegance of these cars also combines with the smooth and powerful performance of the same.


These powerful Cadillac SUV models are meant for the families that need spacious interior as well as cargo space. At the same time these cars can be perfect for the young generation for their powerful engine performance and trendy and bold looks. These cars offer you luxurious travel experience which is unique and comfortable. These SUV models offer you all the standard SUV features and offer you a classy look which is different from all its competitors. Purchasing a Cadillac SUV is the perfect option for you if you want everything i.e. elegance, power, comfort and safety in one car. Therefore if you are looking for a luxurious and classic SUV then these cars are just for you. With great capacity and performance they will offer you value for your money and some more.

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Cadillac Escalade – The Favourite Car of Thief in America

United States is known for high levels of car theft. However, the thief apparently too picky about the target car will be a victim.

As reported by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), Cadillac Escalade turned out to be a favorite choice of car thieves. Insurance Institute also said the car became a vehicle for artists of Paris Hilton was one of them managed to subdue the Hummer H2 4WD, Nissan Pathfinder, Chevrolet Avalanche and GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 also Ford F-250 4WD in the event the contest to show off the greatness of the thief. The formula used is more complicated than that used by the FBI, the National Crime Insurance Bureau and other organizations are typically measure only the total number of stolen vehicles and tend to gravitate toward models with high sales volumes like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Cadillac Escalade is a luxury SUV made by automotive manufacturer General Motors sold the Cadillac brand. Cadillac Escalade was introduced in 1999 as a result of GM against the competitors from Germany, Japan, and also Ford. This car has the appearance of pop-culture that makes the thief interested. Cadillac Escalade EXT, which has a pickup bed, is ranked worst among the models of Escalade. The Escalade EXT has a “more than 14 claims per 1,000 insured vehicle years, or more than eight times the Family car and an efficient use of fuel oil is not in the stolen car list. The thieves prefer cars that chromer velg, great power, and engine Though Cadillac Escalade is equipped with anti-theft immobilizers standard tools that should prevent the action of the thieves. However, so great thieves, making the latest technology that looks stupid. General Motors said in a statement that it tried to make it difficult to steal the Escalade with a new theft deterrent system as “more robust” steering column lock system which makes it more difficult to maneuver Escalade into a truck. In addition to having the highest number Escalade, Hummer H2 and H2 SUT, which has room for a mattress in the rear compartment also showed high rates of theft. It was also found the fact that when faced with the Hummer and small cars like the Ford Focus or a Volvo V70 wagon, the thieves eight times more interested in cars like the Hummer SUVs. Although there are a lot of sedans and small cars, interest in the thieves keep the SUV and large truck though. It is among them due to the high price of spare-parts and accessories car-SUV. In addition the owners of famous Escalade also likes to add high grade audio equipment, alloy wheels expensive, chrome accessories. Presumably that explains why the payment of insurance claims for the Escalade at U.S. $ 14,657 and U.S. $ 13,060 for the ESV. That figure is paid to the SUV owners who lost his car when the average car insurance claim payments are missing in general of U.S. $ 9,396

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Cadillac SUV will Give It All

Cadillac SUV has been able to gain a lot of attention now a days due to the excellence of experience than one can experience with it. People who are passionate about adventures and road trips find it to be a must to have as no adventure can be termed complete without it. The car is designed to gage attention of people who look for adventure either at all time or get adventurous on weekends.

Call it a need of the hour or a style that one likes to maintain. It is important that the car one chooses is suitable at all times. The speed of the car should mach the speed that one wishes to maintain for success and the comfort of the car should be similar to the comfort that is expected from life. The safety that the car has in offer also makes a lot of difference cause a surety that nothing in go wrong in the worst of situations is a factor that helps in maintain calm on bad roads or dangerous trips. The car is designed for all irrespective of all age as it will be wrong to say that the drive for adventure is a term to be used for youngsters. It is important that car one chooses should meet the needs and personality of the owner as it is the first thing that will get notice while being on the road. Simple yet luxurious is what the car can be used for and speed is not a concern when talking about the Cadillac. The car is an overall performer in itself and needs no explanation at any given point in time. It can be described as a master piece that one would fall in for at anytime and during any age.

Cadillac SRX Feels Right

The whimpering noises that marred a prior drive by the Allegheny Mountains were long gone. The weight that once looked like more albatross than probably protective benefit was mitigated by a raise in power — 308 horsepower in the 2012 Cadillac SRX truck powered for this line, up from 265 horsepower SRX V-6.

It’s a old idea in vehicle industry to say that the merely good horsepower is more horse power. However more, in this instance, was a certain benefit in changing something as weighty as the Cadillac SRX with 5,467 pounds across over mountain roads.

A few years ago, when I drove my car here from my home, I was more concerned with fuel economy than I was about power. Money was tight and limited. Gasoline prices were excessive. In some recoverable format, a Cadillac with a 265-horsepower V-6 engine appeared like a good bargain — sufficient power and comfort and ease for a long road journey, with lowest fuel costs.

It developed into a delusional drag festival — a elegant, sharp-edged, absolutely high-class Cadillac wagon with the life blood of a Hyundai Elantra economy four-door. Driving it was just like investing a night in a fortress without light, food or heat. Giving that first SRX parked in Detroit was both benefit and epiphany. I was pleased to be done with it. Moreover, I was hoisted on my own intelligent petard.

Throughout the world, the auto industry has been attempting to deal with the same debate. But it’s a tough issue. More fuel economy appears to be good while you are driving short miles if you don’t have much to take or when you have apparently forever to get exactly where you are going. However it’s a sop of a issue when what you actually need is power.

The main point here is that the  Cadillac SRX wagon seems like a Cadillac, but with a tiny bit of an enviromentally friendly twist. There is now adequate power there to help to make it a serious competitor with the Audi Q5 and other luxurious crossover-utility cars. There definitely are enough wonderful features. It could make use of a diesel engine, or maybe some form of hybridization, to more increase its fuel economy. However after being pulled through the Alleghenies with passion and gusto, and not distressing about how the brand new SRX would manage steep inclines, I’m happy to live with the so-so fuel economy a bit longer.


Cadillac cars and automobiles!

Cadillac is a luxurious vehicle owned by General Motors. This vehicle is sold in over 50 countries and territories. In America, it is one of the oldest car manufacturers and is the second largest one. In 1902, Cadillac was founded by Henry Leland, who was an entrepreneur and a mechanic, who named this company after his ancestor – Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. The company’s goal was to offer the highest quality luxurious vehicles to the car aficionados. In 1909, this company was purchased by General Motors.

This brand has created its niche over the years and laid a strong foundation for the mass production of automobiles by demonstrating the interchangeability of precision parts. By working things in a unique manner, this brand has become a premier luxury car brand in America. With time, this car manufactures made lot of significant changes in every aspect including Cadillac mirror. Subsequently, they made various changes in the electrical systems, roofs and lot more. Due to their continuous efforts in making Cadillac more and more useful and comfortable, this car has made a special space in the heart of car lovers. Whether it is auto side mirrors or any other important part of car, it is exclusive and of high standards.

In the range of vintage cars, Cadillac is a real winner. It has shown such high level of sophistication and elegance that most of the car enthusiasts literally adore this brand. Some of the popular models which have ruled the hearts are Model F, Model B, Model E and Model D. All these models have great looks and simply exotic interiors, which can make any car aficionado its devotee. If you want to own one vintage model you better be prepared to shed pretty penny.

In cars, lights and mirrors have great significance, which needs to be checked from time to time.  If you want to see your car run smoothly in the dark nights or in the foggy days, you need to have auto side mirrors of good quality. In mirrors, Cadillac mirror is really an exception which is made of world-class technology and possesses highest quality. For people who understand what luxury means, this would be the best example to quote. This car and its interiors give you a great feeling which would not be available in many big brands these days. They have maintained that quality for years and that’s why it is respected so much. Own a car and realize what luxury means!

GMs recalls the Cadillac SRX

One of the most important aspects that most car buyers are looking into when buying their cars is its safety. This is because nobody wants to own a defective vehicle no matter what. The awareness towards vehicle safety has actually intensified these days since the number of cases of car-related accidents continues to increase. As a result, aside from searching the best auto financing deals more and more new car finders are now looking for vehicles with sophisticated safety features to at least secure them in the event of collisions or accidents.

One of the most common safety tools installed in cars these days are airbags. These inflatable devices cushions car occupants in the event of impact and almost all car brands including the Cadillac have these. However, General Motors has recently announced that they would be recalling an estimated 47,401 units of the  Cadillac SRX due to alleged airbag problem.

The recall was issued as a response to the report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the airbag of the SRX particularly on the right rear passenger area of the vehicle is having a problem with its launching mechanism. With this, the passenger on that area might be left unprotected in the event of frontal and side crashes.


In the recall summary issued by the NHTSA, the administration determined that the airbags in the Cadillac SRX is programmed to turn the airbag mounted on the right-side-roof-rail off when the passenger sensing system  sense that the passenger seat in front is unoccupied. This simply means that when the front passenger seat is unoccupied and the rear right passenger seat is, the airbag will not automatically launch in the event of crashes leaving the passenger exposed to possible injuries brought by the collision.

Due to this, General Motors requested their dealerships to place the sale of the 2011 Cadillac SRX that are still on their lot on hold while they are trying to fix the cause of the problem.  The recall will take effect on June 17 to allow the GM to reprogram the airbag system. For SRX that were already sold to previous car finders, they are allowed to have their units fixed by calling the numbers posted by Cadillac to handle this issue.




Halogen Bulbs for Cadillac

Halogen bulbs for Cadillac burn brightly than conventional light bulbs. These bulbs have longer life than conventional light bulbs and are more efficient , also halogen bulbs are preferred choice for headlights and is often used in large public gathering for illumination where very bright light is required. For Example, during late 1990’s till 2006 halogen bulbs were used to illuminate “Times Square Ball” and then from 2007 halogen bulbs were replaced by LED bulbs because they are more efficient than halogen bulbs.

In an ordinary  light bulb there is a tungsten filament, which gets heated on supply of power  and produces light. More the filament heats, it starts breaking down the tungsten and with time the filament breaks, and in the process light bulb burns out.

Halogen bulbs are kind of incandescent light bulb . The halogen bulb consists of a tungsten filament enclosed in another material. It uses quartz , because quartz can withstand high temperatures . Halogen Gases are used in halogen bulbs , while in conventional light bulbs argon or nitrogen, gases are used .

Halogen bulb lasts longer because halogen gas combines with tungsten vapour and in the process it gets redeposited on the filament of the bulb, which keeps on recycling energy.

Efficiency of the halogen bulb increases considerably because of the heat halogen bulbs generates are used for the chemical reaction between halogen gases and tungsten ,thus halogen bulbs get heated more and emit brighter light than a conventional light bulb.

Halogen bulbs are to be handled with care because it can cause burns, as halogen bulbs tend to achieve higher temperature than ordinary bulbs . The reason halogen bulbs become so hot is that, the material used in it is quartz which is very close to the filament.

High temperature is required to operate a halogen bulb. Halogen bulbs give continuous light, which vary from ultraviolet to infrared further it goes to produce blue light with an effective high color temperature.

Halogen bulbs should be handled by wearing gloves because handling a halogen bulb with naked hands will expose the quartz with unnecessary things and may damage it and in the process decrease its life span , if handled with naked hand one should first clean and dry their hands properly to avoid causing any damage.

Halogen bulbs should not be kept near things that can cause flames because halogen bulbs can open fire immediately, so care should be taken in this regard..

Halogen bulbs are widely used as headlamps in vehicles . Halogen bulbs are also widely used as floodlights for outdoor lighting like grounds and stadiums , now-a-days halogen bulbs is also used in desktop lamps also.

Undoped quartz halogen bulbs might cause sunburn due to unnecessary exposure  to excess emission of  Ultra Violet light . Inorder to nullify this unwanted emission of  Ultra Violet light glass filters are used around the bulb

Halogen bulbs are replaced now-a-days with LED bulbs because they don’t heat-up much like halogen bulbs and also are considered more effective and less dangerous to handle than halogen bulbs , also LED bulbs produce much brighter light than halogen bulbs.

Cadillac Escalade Parts

Cadillac Escalade is a large sports luxury car sold by General Motors. Cadillac Escalade was introduced in 1999 due to the German and Japanese competitors and also because of the Ford which was launched in 1998. Cadillac escalade has superb interior, classy looks, and gives brilliant performance on the road. The car is equipped with an engine having 345 horsepower which makes it the world’s most powerful vehicle.
Cadillac escalade is a power packed SUV and offers rear wheel drive and consists of a 5.3 L V8 engine. It also comes with all-wheel drive options and a 6.0 L V8 engine. The recent version of the Cadillac Escalade are equipped with features such as a stability control system and power adjustable pedals. Moreover, the latest version of the vehicle also contains feature like bucket seats, 20-inch chrome wheels, and tire pressure monitoring system.
Cadillac escalade is undoubtedly a marvellous large sized powerful vehicle with stunning and edgy looks. This vehicle is a great treat for stylish ans status conscious people.  Cadillac escalade has undoubtedly set the standards for what it means to be a real luxury SUV car. There are two other models of the Cadillac excalade namely Escalade ESV and the Escalade EXT. Escalade ESV is a suburban sized model whereas the Escalade EXT is based on Chevy Avalanche and is thus a pickup truck in style and appearance. All the three models are equipped with a powerful 6.0 L V8 engine. It will not be wrong to say that Cadillac escalade are powerful trucks equipped with every possible facility that’s makes it a comfortable drive for people. Moreover, the excellent and well-furnished interior has also made it a favourite among many people all over the world. all the three models some with adjustable pedals, XM Setallite Radio, and comfortable seating. Some other renowned features of the car include DVD navigation system, StabiliTrak system which is responsible for speed traction control.
Cadillac escalade’s auto parts are also easily available in the market and can also be purchased from various reliable online stores. All sorts of various parts including the fashion accessories and engine and body parts can be purchased from the market. Also, used and second hand parts are also easily available in the market. Various online stores today also deal in auto parts, and the best thing about them is that you don’t have to go out for yourself and find the part for your car, in fact, the online stores provide you the facility of delivering your required Cadillac escalade’s auto part at your door step in minimum possible time. however, whether you go out to buy for yourself or place your order online, it is really important to check the required auto part so as to make sure that it is in best condition in every manner.


All about Cadillac SUVs

Adventure today has been taken up by a lot of people an is driving the likes and choices of many today. The effect of this increased attention to adventure and sports can well be seen on the most common passion of people in the modern times – cars. A lot of car enthusiasts today like to hit the road in the off-circuits and this is the reason why they are after new sports utility vehicles and car which can help them fulfil this dream of theirs. Cadillac is one car manufacturing brand which is highly aware of this fact and has come on to launch a variety of models of such sports vehicles. Thus many a Cadillac SUV models can be seen today to be gaining popularity in the markets.

Like all other cars from car manufacturing brands and companies , there are a lot of features of  sport utility vehicles from Cadillac which are most looked up to. In this sense, Cadillac cars are known specifically for their designer exteriors. In fact Cadillac was the initiator of this trend of sports utility vehicles with a designer exterior body. Anther highly advanced feature of most sports vehicles from Cadillac is that of memory seats. This is a very interesting feature of the cars which allows them to remember and have the seating alignment  for various driver of the car. This way when any old driver comes to drive the car back again, the seating arrangement is restored for his or her maximum comfort.

Cadillac SUV came on to be launched very late in the history, many years post the purchase of the brand by General Motors in 1909. Cadillac ventured in to the area of sports utility vehicles with the launch of Cadillac Converj. This was an advanced four wheel driven vehicle which was launched as a crossover between luxury vehicles( a forte of Cadillac) and the new age demand for ports utility vehicles. The car did generate a lot of popularity in the markets across the world and was driven and purchased by a lot of people in many countries at the time of its launch.


Cadillac Eldorado Parts

Cadillac Eldorado is a famous model produced by Cadillac through 1953 up till 2003. Through these years, the Cadillac Eldorado came in the market in various body shapes and with different mechanical layouts. This model continued to hit the market due to its excellent features and great performance. The first model of Cadillac Eldorado produced in 1953 came in four colours and was specifically a low-production convertible. Its two famous touches- a wrap around windshield and a cut down belt line were very much liked by the chief of General Motors. The 1953 model of the Cadillac Eldorado was undoubtedly known as the GM’s styling leader.
The Cadillac Eldorado version of 1970 contained a stylised new look and featured an opera window along with a fixed rear side window and a vinyl roof. Eldorado became the most famous car being produced by General Motors in the years 1977 and 1978. The 1980 model of Cadillac Eldorado was designed keeping in mind the economical factor. So, this model contained a smaller engine compared to its previous models. The 1980 model of Cadillac Eldorado contained a 5.7 or a 6.0 L V8 engine. Along with this change, several other changes such as autonomous rear suspension and tremendous notchback roofline were also added to the model. The notchback roofline resulted in making the rear window vertical.
Another model of Cadillac Eldorado was launched in 1992. This model was relatively larger in size and contained as frameless window glass. This model continued to came in different version for the next ten years.  In 2002, the Cadillac Eldorado was launched in an elegant and attractive design. The 2002 model of the Cadillac Eldorado was not only attractive but was also exceptionally good in performance. This model was extremely fast compared to its previous models and was extremely comfortable and full of lavish luxury features as well. The 2002 model of the Cadillac Eldorado also became the best selling Cadillac model in America.
Cadillac Eldorado auto parts are available in wide variety and designs in the market. Moreover, you can also browse the internet for the auto part you need. The auto parts for Cadillac Eldorado are available in variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and designs. All sorts of auto parts such as windows, steering, rims, bumpers, engine auto parts, performance parts are available quite easily for all the Cadillac Eldorado models. Also, you can purchase brand new as well as used auto parts for your Cadillac Eldorado. Cadillac Eldorado auto parts come in various varieties and in case you are low in budget, you can also buy the parts slightly low in quality.